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How To Get Started With Easy Digital Downloads Addon?

Analytify is a powerful plugin for WordPress that makes it easier to use Google Analytics and gives users info about their website traffic that is easy to understand. With the Easy Digital Downloads addon for Analytify, you can keep track of and examine how well their digital product sales are doing.

Our Knowledge Base (KB) article shows you how to use the EDD add-on for Analytify for the first time.

Step 1: Purchase Analytify Pro and Install EDD Addon

To use the EDD add-on, you will need to have Analytify Pro. The Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) add-on for Analytify is a paid add-on that only works with the Pro version of the app. Compared to the free version, Analytify Pro has more features and add-on support. This makes it important for people who want to use extra features like EDD tracking and reporting.
Simply click on Analytify Pro to purchase Analytify Pro.

After purchasing Analytify Pro, go to the Analytify account and download the Analytify EDD add-on.

EDD addon download

 Sign in to your WordPress site and go to your homepage.

 Go to ‘Plugins’ and click on Add New’.

add new plugin

Click “Upload Plugin” and choose the zip file you just downloaded.

Click “Install Now,” and when the process is done, click Activate Plugin.

upload pluin zip file EDD

Step 2: Connect Analytify to Google Analytics 4

Analytify is a powerful analytics plugin for WordPress that is easy to use and works well with Google Analytics 4. It provides smooth integration of your WordPress site to GA4.

If you’ve not connected GA4 to Analytify, connect it through Analytify by following the below steps.

Go to your WordPress homepage and click on the “Analytify” tab.

Click Settings and navigate to Authentication.

Click the “Log in with your Google Account” button.

connect GA4 to WordPress Site

Follow the on-screen instructions to give Analytify permission to view your Google Analytics account.

Choose the right Google Analytics property and save your changes once you’re connected. Follow the picture 

choose GA4 property

For a detailed guide, read How To Integrate Analytify With Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

Note: Please make sure that Easy Digital Downloads Add-on is in support of the Easy Digital Downloads plugin. So if you haven’t installed the Easy Digital Downloads plugin before, then follow the below step 3. 

You can skip Step 3 if you already have set up Easy Digital Downloads plugin and jump to Step 4.

Step 3: Install Easy Digital Downloads Plugin

On your WordPress site, navigate to Plugin>>Add New.

Then, write Easy Digital Downloads on the Search bar.

And Install the plugin. Follow the direction in the below picture.

install EDD plugin

After Installing, activate the plugin by clicking on Activate.

EDD plugin activate

After activating the plugin, you must fill in the necessary information about your digital products.

Step 4: Start Tracking EDD Data

On your WordPress homepage, click on the Analytify tab.

Then navigate to EDD.

EDD addon

Step 5: Start Exploring the Data

You can see an overview report in a unique and intuitive way which is very understandable even for non-technical WordPress users. You can see product performance

ecommerce store analytics

After installing and setting up the Easy Digital Downloads add-on for Analytify, you can now get full reports on how well your digital products are selling. This information will help you make smart choices about your online store, improve your marketing, and, in the end, make more money.

If you have any problems with the Easy Digital Downloads add-on, look at the FAQs on the Analytify website or contact the Analytify support team.