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(not set) or (not provided) in Google analytics

Here is a little explanation from Google about (not set) and (not provided).


Not Set vs Not Provided

Not Set: The ‘ keyword ’ (not set) simply identifies traffic that doesn’t arrive via a particular keyword and hence may not come via any search at all. This includes traffic coming from email, referral sites, or even things like Google Images.
Not Provided:   The keyword (not provided) describes organic searches that are being hidden from your view, to provide a measure of privacy for users. In 2011, Google began encrypting results from SSL searches ( secure searches from users who are logged in to their Google Accounts or using the Firefox search bar )


So, If you see (not set) or (not provided) in Google analytics campaigns add-on, Dashboard, or any other place within Analytify plugins, consider that this (not set) or (not provided)  traffic is not from a particular keyword.


If you know any other explanation of this, please share it with us in the comment.