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How to Track User ID in Google Analytics?

Do you want to know how to track Google Analytics User ID?

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) offers a powerful feature known as the User ID. This unique identifier allows you to connect multiple sessions and even activities across different devices to the same individual. By implementing a User ID, you gain a more integrated view of how users interact with your website, leading to more informed decisions and a better understanding of the customer journey. 

If you set up User ID tracking with Analytify, the integration process becomes smooth for WordPress users. In this article, we’ll explain how to track Google Analytics User ID using Analytify.

What is a Google Analytics User ID?

A GA4 User ID is a unique string assigned to a user to differentiate them from other users. This ID helps in tracking the interaction of the user with your website across various sessions and devices.

Using a User ID in Google Analytics allows you to:

  • Track a user’s journey across different devices.
  • Understand the full customer lifecycle.
  • Improve cross-device conversion data.
  • Tailor your marketing and website content to enhance user experience.

How to Track Google Analytics User ID with Analytify?

 With Analytify, tracking user ID in Google Analytics 4 becomes a breeze and you can avoid the otherwise complex process of tracking user IDs.

Follow these simple steps to start tracking Google Analytics User ID with Analytify, the user-friendly WordPress plugin for Google Analytics:

Step 1: Enable User ID Tracking in Analytify

First, log in to your WordPress site.

Then, navigate to Analytify’s settings and click on the Advanced tab.

analytify advance tab

Scroll down the page and find the User ID tracking section.

Toggle on the Track User ID feature to turn on User ID tracking.

track user id

Then, save your settings.

save changes.png

Step 2: Enable User Tracking in Google Analytics 4

Here’s how you can enable user tracking in GA4:

  1. Log in to your GA4 account and navigate to the Admin section in your GA4 dashboard.
admin setting GA4
  1. Look for the Reporting Identity under the property column.
reporting id GA4
  1. Here, you will encounter the User-ID feature, which is set to Blended by default.
Google Analytics User ID

The ‘Blended’ option combines user data from both logged-in sessions (when a User ID is provided) and Google signals (when a user has consented to this). It’s the recommended setting because it gives you a more comprehensive view of your user interactions across different sessions and devices.

Alternatively, let’s suppose you choose the ‘Observed’ option. In that case, the data will be based solely on the User ID or device ID, which might not give you the complete picture of user engagement but can offer more precise tracking for individual users.

Step 3: Tracking Stats of User ID

In your GA4 account, navigate to Explore from the menu and create a new exploration where you can add User ID as a dimension.

Google Analytics User ID

Remember, the User ID feature is not to be confused with ‘Client ID’ or ‘Device ID’. The User ID is a unique identifier you assign to each user when they are logged in, which allows you to connect sessions across multiple devices.

Tracking the User ID with Analytify not only simplifies the process but also enhances your capabilities to serve your audience better. Embrace this feature and step into a new realm of analytics!

By following these steps, we hope you’ve learned how to track User ID in Google Analytics. Remember, the key to leveraging the Google Analytics User ID feature is to review and interpret the data to revise your strategy consistently.

If you need any help with GA4 User ID tracking, look at the FAQs on the Analytify website or contact the Analytify support team.

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