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How to Upgrade Analytify License Plan

In this digital age, tools like Analytify are super important in driving business growth. 

Analytify is a cool analytics solution for WordPress that makes it super easy to track and understand all your website performance data.

If you’ve been using the plugin and are considering to upgrade Analytify license plan, this article will be a helpful guide to assist you through the process.

In this knowledge-base article, we’ll cover:

Understanding Analytify License Plans

Before moving forward with the upgrade, it’s important to understand the different Analytify license plans and their associated benefits.

Analytify Offers 3 Pro Plan Options: 

  • Personal Pro Plan: $59/year  (1 site)
  • Conversion Plan: $99/year (Up to 10 sites)
  • Developer Plan: $299/year (50 sites)

The number of sites each plan can handle, the level of support it offers, and the extra features it comes with are all different.

Reasons to Upgrade Analytify License Plan

There are many perks to upgrading your Analytify license plan, such as:

  1. Handling More Sites: 

Plans with higher tiers can handle more sites, so you can use a single platform to control data for multiple websites.

  1. Better Features:

When you upgrade your plan, you often get access to more features, like more in-depth data, real-time stats, and automated email reports. 

  1. Priority Support:

Higher-tier plans usually come with priority support, which can be very helpful if you need to solve a problem quickly.

Analytify License Plan Upgrade Options

You have the option to upgrade your Analytify subscription from the Free plan to the Pro plan. Furthermore, upgrades within the Pro plans are also possible. For example, if you’re currently using the Conversion Plan but wish to switch to the Developer Plan (which covers up to 50 sites), you can easily do so by upgrading your license. Suppose you’re using a $99 license and wish to move to a $299 license. The upgrade will only cost you an additional $200.

Upgrading From Analytify Free to Analytify Pro

Suppose you’re using the free version of Analytify and want to switch to Analytify Pro. In that case, you’ll get access to premium features like real-time statistics, improved ecommerce tracking, automated email reports, and more.

The process is straightforward,, as shown below:

  • All you need is to purchase the Analytify Pro plan from the Pricing Page of Analytify.
analytify pricing
  • On the pricing page, you’ll find 3 Different Packages. See which one suits you the best and select accordingly.
  • On deciding the package, click the Buy Now button. It will take you to the checkout screen.
  • For detailed instructions on installation and activation, please refer to our guide on How to Install And Activate Analytify Pro Plugin.

Upgrading Analytify Pro License Plan

The process to upgrade your Analytify license plan is straightforward. Here’s how to do it:

1. Log into Your Account: First, log in to your account on the Analytify website.

login to analytify account

2. Navigate to Purchase History: After logging in to your account, navigate to the Purchase History tab.

3. Navigate to View Licenses: After clicking on Purchase History, you’ll find the information about your current and previous Licenses. Simply click on View Licenses 

purchase history view license

4. Navigate to View Upgrades: You’ll find all the information about your current License. Simply select the “View Upgrades” option.

view upgrades for analytify license

5. Select Your Desired Plan: After clicking View Upgrades, you’ll be shown the various license plans available for upgrade. Analyze the features and select the one that best suits your needs.

upgrade license

6. Proceed to Checkout: Once you’ve chosen your plan, proceed to checkout. 

Now select your payment method. You can see different payment options, including Visa, Debit card, PayPal, and more. You can choose your preferred payment method. 

In our case, we choose PayPal as displayed below:

upgrade price

 Fill in the necessary billing information and complete the payment process. 

After this, scroll down the page and enter your email address and other details, as shown in the screenshot below.

purchase analytify

7. Activate Your New License: After your payment is processed, you’ll get a new license key. 

Retrieve your license key by navigating to Analytify Account>>Licenses.

To update the license key, return to the Analytify dashboard on your WordPress site. 

Then, navigate to the License tab and change the old key with the new one. 

Similarly, activate the new license keys of other Analytify add-ons on all your websites.

update license key

That’s it!

You’ve now upgraded your Analytify Pro Plan.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact the support team

We are always here to help you!