Can this be used with GTM?

If you’re implementing Google Analytics via Analytify, there’s no need to do it with Google Tag Manager as well. In fact, implementing Google Analytics with both Analytify and Google Tag Manager can skew your stats, since the tracking code will be on your site twice.

However, if you’re using Analytify, you can still use Google Tag Manager to implement other code (besides Google Analytics) without any issues.


If you want to use GTM for tracking then uncheck the tracking feature (the “Install JS option” from plugin settings -> profile tab ) from Analytify and use only reports feature. If you want to use e-commerce tracking for your WooCommerce add-on store then I recommend to exclude Google Analytics tag from GTM and use Analytify Tracking with Reporting.


Note: We are working on GTM Tracking Integration with Analytify, stay tuned.

How licensing work on multisites?

Multisite, whether they are directory or subdomain type, will have one license for each site. one code of appsumo contains 5 licenses. So you can use that on 5 subsites under multisite network. 

because you have to authenticate and connect each site separately.

I want 100 sites in LTD

You can stack up to 10 times that’s 50 sites in total. After you register with the first code, rest you will go for an upgrade till stack 9 listed in your account.

After you use all the discount codes from AppSumo, You can stack additional 50 sites from for $299, You can pay via PayPal or Stripe, that will be 100 sites in total. 

Does it slow our site speed?

“Site Speed after analytify installation” doesn’t change. Analytify just adds Google Analytics JS script and configurations by Google. Our dashboard queries don’t load by default on the public end. All the processing load happens in plugin backend pages.

Compatible with Gutenberg?

Our team is contributing to Gutenberg, TwentyNinteen theme and WordPress 5.0 and Yes we will add compatibility with Gutenberg and WordPress 5.0 in November this year.