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Getting started with Analytify WooCommerce Add-on

Follow the steps below to use the Analytify for WooCommerce Add-on the right way.

Steps to use Analytify WooCommerce Add-on

  1. Download Analytify PRO and WooCommerce Add-on from your downloads section. Upload and Activate both the plugins on your site.
  2. Activate the Analytify PRO license (Watch video)
  3. Activate WooCommerce Add-on same as you did for Analytify PRO license. License activation is necessary to receive the updates automatically at your plugins page like other plugins/themes.
  4. After activation, Go to Admin Settings in your Google Analytics account for E-commerce Tracking. Select your Google Analytics website profile and go toE-commerce Settings section.  Check the Screenshot below to match your Funnel Steps and Enabling E-commerce status to ON. Analytify WooCommerce Add-on
  5. Tracking started now and You should be able to see numbers other than 0's at the WooCommerce dashboard pretty soon 😉
  6. Note: Install Google Analytics javascript option should be checked for WooCommerce add-on tracking.