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Getting started with WooCommerce Add-on

Follow the steps below to use the Analytify for WooCommerce Add-on the right way.

  1. Download Analytify PRO and WooCommerce Add-on from your downloads section. Upload and Activate both the plugins on your site.
  2. Activate the Analytify PRO license (Watch video)
  3. Activate WooCommerce Add-on same as you did for Analytify PRO license. License activation is necessary to receive the updates automatically at your plugins page like other plugins/themes.
  4. After activation, Go to Admin Settings in your Google Analytics account for E-commerce Tracking. Select your Google Analytics website profile and go toE-commerce Settings section.  Check the Screenshot below to match your Funnel Steps and Enabling E-commerce status to ON.  Ecommerce funnel steps and Enable status to ON
  5. Tracking started now and You should be able to see numbers other than 0's at WooCommerce dashboard pretty soon 😉
  6. Note: Install Google Analytics javascript option should be checked for woocommerce add-on tracking.